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Miraculous Healing!

Nothing more than miraculous how quickly my back has healed after a very serious back surgery
Thank you immunologic!

Great product!!

I am leaving this review for the actual product, not shipping, customer.service, etc. I saw a naturopathic Doctor on TikTok (yes TikTok) talking about this product, he uses himself for parasites, and to stop taking the ivermectins, etc due to possibly causing harm to the liver..since I do not have a gallbladder I was curious about this product. I have just finished my first bottle, I take 2 with alkaline water first thing in the morning…let me tell you, I am off 2 of my hormone medications, 2 of my digestive medications (one being Metformin for digestion). I do take a probiotic and I hope this continues but I am regular for the first time in 30 years!! I now take an all natural digestive enzyme and aloe ferox …I also have not had anymore breakouts which I’ve battled over 30 years also. I am going to continue my healing journey with this product. I wish I could tell the world with so many people taking horrible medications. Please never ever discontinue this product!!!!!

Never received

I never received order so I emailed company today. They confirmed it was never sent or fulfilled. Supposedly they will get one sent out to me. We shall see

pH Salts
John David Heinzmann
Bye bye kidney stones, taste is okay

I love this stuff. It tastes much better than what my urologist gave me. And it is just straight-forward salts, no attempt to change the flavor.

Watch out for humidity though. I've had it cake up to cement in one day with the cap screwed on but not tight when using it in a humid bathroom. And I find it hard to get all the way through a jar without it caking by the end. So I add several food-grade packets of desiccant when I first open it and replace them as needed (as they change color). Even then, it is still very important to tightly screw the cap back on each time. Also, I've had it arrive with the cap being a little loose and after sitting for a couple of months before using it, it started to cake. Next time I will open it right away, add the desiccant and close it tightly.

ionic mineral drops
Eric Thomas


Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Caps
Lorraine Reinpold

I never received my last order. I ordered 2 Aloe Ferox bottles on June 30 and I have not received them! Order #1020! Please look into this!!!!

Aloe Ferox Whole Leaf Caps

Great product, too bad we can't carry it in Canada because it doesn't have an NPN number.

Love Immunologic Aloe Ferox!

First off, I am very impressed with Immunologic's integrity as a company. I see that the owner, Clive, is very wise about health, and that his heart is in service to humanity. The health protocols that Clive has developed, in terms of PH regulation and detoxification, should be essential to anyone's daily routine. I am using all of the Immunologic products regularly.

The aloe ferox is my favorite Immunologic product. I use 1 to 3 capsules daily for maintaining proper elimination and parasitic detoxification. I like that the aloe is gentle, natural, and does not create dependency. I gave some to my mom (when her bowels got bound up due to travelling) and she loves it too. Since then I have shared the aloe ferox with many of my yoga students, and we are all empty, happy, healthy yogis. Thanks Clive!

Simple yet effective!

I love the Aloe Ferox capsules. Very easy to take and they get the job done if you need help with your bowel movements. I don’t travel without a handful of these in my bag.

After taking them I was opened up to the additional benefits they provide and even used a regimen of these (along with other supplements) to help save my dog from a blood infection. Truly one of Earth’s miracles.