Happy Bowels

We help people achieve sustainable, radiant health through science-backed nutrition and lifestyle related content, wellness coaching, and by providing the world’s finest nutritional products at the best possible price.

Aloe Ferox Products

Aloe Ferox is the King of the edible aloe plants. immunologic makes several Aloe Ferox products at varying strengths to accommodate the needs of our individual customers and health professionals alike.


Minerals and Greens

immunologic makes a variety of mineral products to support whole-body health, normal immune function, energy metabolism, enzyme systems, cardiovascular health and an optimal bodily pH.


Vitamin C

100% pure, organic, air-dried Camu Camu berry powder from the Amazon region of South America. Vitamin C in the botanical enzyme form, with its naturally occurring metabolites, such as quercetin, is found in higher concentration in the Camu Camu berry than most other botanical sources of vitamin C.