About Us

immunologic’s focus is on digestive health and pH balance

Greetings and welcome to immunologic. I am Clive Buirski, founder and CEO of immunologic.

I am excited to introduce you to our website and our range of food-state, fundamental nutritional supplements. My experience in clinical nutrition and dietary supplement manufacturing began in 1991, six years after a bout with testicular cancer and a range of surgeries, including tonsil and adenoid removal, kidney reconstruction, lymph node dissection, plus adrenal gland and testicular removal at age 28.

Chronic Fatigue was my chief complaint, and that continued for six years, forcing
me to figure out how to recover my remaining adrenal gland with nutritional enzymes and a diet that supported normal, healthy bowel function and energy levels. My introduction to Dr. Robert Heiman, Hans Nieper and many other doctors with clinical nutrition experience, launched me on a new path to empowering my own health.

Now it’s time for me to help as many people as possible, with products that are fundamental to whole body health, especially in the areas of digestion and immune health.

Join our healthcare practitioners and individual customers across the U.S. who have used immunologic’s products since 2009 to support normal, daily bowel function, alkaline pH and a healthy immune response. Immunologic’s products are made without excipients, such as magnesium stearate, stearic acid, calcium stearate, silicon dioxide, talcum and gelatin, to name a few. These are non-nutritive ingredients commonly used in the production of most dietary supplements. We also bottle many of our products in Miron Violet Glass, for maximum protection.

immunologic’s essential nutrients are in a food-state form, and are designed for the whole family - children, adults, athletes and seniors.

Take charge of your health and vitality!

Clive Buirski